Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kathryn + Andy - Wedding

Kathryn and Andy granted me the distinct pleasure of coming down to Nashville, Music City USA, to shoot their incredible wedding at the city's new Schermerhorn Symphony Center. It is one of the loveliest buildings I've ever been in, let alone shot in, and they were a pleasure to work with. I was also lucky enough to shoot with the talented Chris Honiball, many of whose photos are included here.

I got this sweet note from Kathryn: Thanks JB! I am still speechless but hopefully will regain enough words to tell you how incredibly thrilled we are with the photos.  I love how well you captured Andy's laugh and warm spirit. 

A last minute rainstorm forced Andy to move the chuppah from the courtyard into the symphony space.

A group of Andy's friends insisted on being shot in the symphony's various boxes...