Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jessica & Ben - Wedding

Congratulations to two of the nicest clients I've ever worked with, Jessica & Ben!

Their wedding photos, as captioned by themselves:

Intimate manly preparations.

Tie clips for the men.

Grooming tip: Always choose olive oil over a brand-name pomade.

Rings made in Brooklyn - just like Ben!

Bamboo grove, Brooklyn.

Tie clip, meet tie.

Delivering the goods: handmade truffles and a time capsule!

Father and daughter.

Ben's mom, Cary, knit this beautiful shawl!

The guests file in...

Our beautiful and talented friend Priya Chalam performed all the music for the ceremony.

Vows contained within.

The first look.

Ben approves!


More Love.

Priya sings the song she wrote for us as we walk down the aisle.

Married and very smiley.

Showing off the new bling as we recess to the bar.

The toasts begin...

To life!

The dance floor during dinner. It was never that empty again.

Things start to get hectic...


Jessica's dad hoisted in the air to "Shout."

Happy and sweaty.

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  1. Where is this? It looks so lovely!! I want to have mine there!