Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tyler & Morgan - Proposal

Last October, Tyler asked if I would hide in the bushes and photograph him proposing to Morgan.

On the big day, I got there early, dove in a bush when the park monitor wasn't around, changed into brown/green clothing, and anxiously awaited their arrival (look for me at the end of the slideshow!).

Tyler did well, even managing to sneak a smile at the camera at one point. Morgan said yes and was clueless about it having been photographed.Tyler and I met up afterwards for a midday beer and traded stories about what had gone down.

A year and a half later, Tyler had me present a surprise slideshow at their rehearsal dinner in San Diego where everyone, including Morgan, saw the photos for the first time. She was in tears.

With the wedding and the surprise now behind us, here it is, set to one of Tyler's favorite songs, Nothing Fancy by Dave Barnes:

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  1. This is why I am in the business if weddings!!!
    The renewed hope and anticipation of new love pledged for life is one of the most beautiful experiences I have the honor to be invited to!
    Bless you two, forever! xo Fleur de Leigh