Saturday, March 10, 2012

Caitlin + Dave - Wedding

Had an awesome weekend up in Woodstock, VT with Caitlin, Dave, and their guests. Only snow I saw all year!

'Jumping Shot' was at the top of Caitlin's shot list. I think we knocked it out the park.

"Get your fleeces, here! Fleeces, $1! Fleeces for sale!"

Best doors in Woodstock, VT. I think we freaked the neighbors out. Their dog was barking nonstop.

Super proud of this one.

Caitlin and her sister struck me as really close friends.

Love this composition.

Climbing icy stairs in white slippers. Amazing.

Caitlin brought these boots to wear under her dress during their outdoor portraits.

Favorite shot of the day. Caitlin was such a trooper in the cold.

I lied. This is my favorite. One of my favorites in quite some time, actually.

Congrats Caitlin and Dave!

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