Thursday, March 29, 2012

Katherine + Philip - Reaction

Got the kindest note from Katherine and Philip yesterday:

JB, hope you're well, man! Katherine and I were thinking about you this morning. We had one of your pictures from our wedding put on canvas in black and white, and it's hanging in our house. It's a beautiful picture -- and has a lot of meaning and significance for us. It's a picture of us praying before our wedding - in the middle of the trees. We were remarking about how "Edenic" it was, which, although we hadn't thought about it much before, is a powerful reminder and symbol to us of how God created marriage at the beginning as a gift to us. And what a wonderful gift it is! The picture serves to remind us of that each and every day.

Wanted you to know how much we appreciate how you captured our wedding day so well, and we remain very grateful to you. Looking forward to some day when we'll see you again!

Philip and Katherine Van Steenburgh

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